The Tribute

1926 Capitol Avenue
Sacramento, CA

“The Tribute Building may be the most significant project I have ever undertaken; it is special in many ways.

The inspiration for this project originated a generation ago when my father, his favorite architect Len Blackford, and a young artist, Wayne Thiebaud, collaborated on the design and construction of the SMUD Headquarters Building located in Sacramento.

The SMUD Building stands today as one our city’s finest gestures toward modern architecture. It has stood the test of time and remains an iconic piece of architecture. At the perimeter of that building wraps an amazing mosaic tile cityscape by the artist. The Tribute Building is a collaboration between myself and good friend, Paul Theibaud, Wayne’s son. Our vision resulted in a project that carries on the tradition of modern architecture and public art started long ago by our fathers. My father, Paul, and Wayne have since passed away and the execution of this project in their memory is, more than ever, an idea I can’t wait to see realized. There will never be another SMUD Building but we hope that the Tribute Building stands on its own as an iconic gesture to civic pride.”


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