Meet the dreamers.

The team who build dreams into reality.

“We do fall in love with each and every project we undertake …”

  • Michael J. Heller

    Michael J. Heller

  • Matt Watson

    Matt Watson

    Vice President/CFO
  • Kristin Leon

    Kristin Leon

    Vice President of Operations
  • Deron Benvenuti

    Deron Benvenuti

    Director of Leasing
  • Kelly Dunn

    Kelly Dunn

    Office Administrator and Executive Assistant
  • Channon Lee

    Channon Lee

  • Mark Devlin

    Mark Devlin

    Maintenance Technician

Our Vision

Mike Heller describes a vision of what Sacramento can be.

“The vision for Heller Pacific has evolved over time. We are a much different developer today than we were a decade ago and we anticipate that our profile ten years from now will almost certainly look different from today’s. We embrace change and innovation. Complacency scares us. We have immersed ourselves in the development of a broad array of product types. If inspired, we are fearless about penetrating new markets and broadening our base of knowledge. The goal is to always push to get better. To further civic goals through our expertise. To innovate. To pioneer if the reward balances the risk.

Design and architecture are not simply catch words to us. We value timeless design and technical advancements in our industry. We want our projects to be as relevant in 50 years as they are today. We understand the importance of Sustainable Development; the advancement of ‘Green’ technology has become a core value and is present in all of our projects.”

Visions Come To Life:
The Elliott Building Mixed-Use Project.

“The old adage of never falling in love with your project does not apply to us. We do fall in love with each and every project we undertake and it is precisely that passion and intensity that leads to our success. Behind every inspired vision however is a focused disciplined budget, schedule and financial model. We never let our passion overtake prudent business decision making. How you marry the pursuit of architectural advancement, the fundamental need for quality construction, the reality of risk management without compromising profit goals is an art form. We have gained an expertise in this art form and that is what distinguishes Heller Pacific, Inc. from our competition. Though we are proud of past accomplishments, it is the future that we are most excited about.”


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