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Meet the landlord: Mike Heller, Spaces R Street Sacramento

ICE Block, Press

Located in The Ice Blocks – a design-forward mixed-use development in Sacramento’s Midtown – Spaces R Street sits alongside trendy urban housing, shops and restaurants, creating a multifunctional urban hub for hybrid workers.

Construction is in Mike Heller’s blood. His father was a builder, so it was perhaps fated that he would follow in his footsteps by becoming a property developer, starting his own real estate business Heller Pacific in 1997. But his passion goes beyond simple bricks and mortar. His work is driven by “civic goals” with the aim of creating innovative, sustainable developments that will stand the test of time.

Speaking to IWG, Heller explains that his mission statement for the last 25 years has been to build “progressive, design-focused, mixed-use urban projects”. It’s this devotion that brought him back to his hometown of Sacramento in 1991 after many years away. He says: “We’ve always had an inferiority complex about being so near to San Francisco, but in central California, away from the coast, and not being considered as cultured or sophisticated or cool. So I just said ‘I’m going to help change that.’”