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How Sacramento Turned Into a Great Restaurant City

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Soaring Bay Area housing prices, a highly diverse community and some of the world’s best produce have been catalysts for the dining scene in California’s capital. On a recent evening in a dimly lit Japanese restaurant, nearly a dozen diners watched rapt from across the bar as a chef blowtorched a sliver of sturgeon until…

Best Places To Live In California In 2023


Many people love living in California for its laid-back culture and diverse climate featuring beaches, desert and mountains. Whether you want to live on the coast or inland, the Golden State offers something for everybody. If you’re wondering where the best places to live in California are, our guide can help you find your ideal…

Success Stories: Accenture

ICE Block, News

Accenture is a professional services company, providing a broad range of services in strategy and consulting, interactive, technology and operations, with digital capabilities across all of these services. The Fortune Global 500 company has had a presence in Sacramento, California for over 30 years and has served companies in a variety of industries. Watch the…

Mass Timber’s Expanding Presence in the Commercial Building Industry

ICE Block, News

Developers around the world who were first movers on buildings that use mass timber for both structural and design elements are seeing a growing wave of projects lining up before them. The regulatory environment is adapting while the business model for use of mass timber is expanding across property types. In the United States, modern…

Jeune — Sacramento’s First Pop-Up Natural Wine Bar

ICE Block, News

While Sacramento’s restaurant and coffee scenes boom, we’ve often wondered–where are the wine bars? Sensing the need for something new, natural, and women-led, Kaila Niles and Emily Wilder, co-owners of design company Wool, opened Jeune, Sacramento’s first natural wine bar. Jeune is a pop-up tucked into the Ice Blocks, just a couple of doors down…

Ice Block 1 – A modern interpretation of early 20th-century timber frame construction anchors a neighborhood while celebrating traditional industrial architecture.

ICE Block, News

Many development projects are stalled by unforeseen obstacles, and in this case, several years ago a three-alarm fire destroyed a former ice company warehouse that was slated for restoration. In its place, the developer wanted to honor the original structure’s ambiance and history, while creating a modern hub that would enrich the neighborhood, a thriving…

The Ice Blocks Cometh

ICE Block, News

It is, by all appearances, and urban utopia. Come this spring, more than 500 people will work there, more than 200 will live there, and thousands more will dine and shop there. Its innovative tenant mix ranges from an insanely popular “doughnuterie” to a gourmet dog food shop and an internet-based boutique where you don’t…

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