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Project Of The Year: MARRS Building

MARRS, Press

By Robert Celaschi
Sacramento Business Journal

Project Of The Year: MARRS BuildingThe judging team didn’t have to compromise in choosing the MARRS Building for Project of the Year.

“Everyone said ‘I wish we had more projects like that,'” said judge Adam Nelson. “We could have spent an entire day just walking around and looking at it. I felt lucky to be included with the group.”

The building’s official name is the Midtown Art Retail & Restaurant Scene. It started life as a warehouse for Mayflower Transit and already had gone through one renovation into offices before developer Michael Heller Jr. bought it in eatly 2005.

“Nondescript” is one of the more charitable words used for the building that Heller decided to turn into offices and nightlife-oriented retail.

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