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The Heller Company


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Michael Heller Sr. and Michael Heller Jr.The First 50 Years.
In 1945, a young engineer named Mike Heller came to Sacramento to start Continental Heller Construction. Heller was drawn to Sacramento because the economy had remained stable even through the Great Depression. It was also the heart of state government, which had a policy of competitive bidding on public projects. This policy gave any contractor a chance to get the job.

The firm thrived in this environment. With technical innovation, old-fashioned work ethic and a growing reputation for excellence, Continental Heller gained contracts not only in California, but throughout the country. Soon, it became one of the largest and most successful contractors on the west coast. Landmark projects, such as the Atlanta subway system, Anaheim Stadium expansion and the NASA Space Shuttle Complex at Vandenberg Air Force Base, enhanced Heller’s reputation, while numerous prominent buildings in downtown Sacramento, including 455 and 555 Capitol Mall, formed a lasting effect on the Sacramento skyline.

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