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Urb Appeal

Press, Sutter Brownstones

By Leigh Grogan
The Sacramento Bee

Urb AppealThe new brownstones, lofts, townhomes and condos bring big city design to Sacramento’s urban core.

Looking at the details of the new Sutter Brownstones, you could see yourself in Brooklyn.

But step back, and your sights are set on midtown Sacramento.

It’s where suburbanites become urbanites. Trading cars for bikes, walking for a jug of milk.

And midtown is where Sacramento’s LoftWorks design group’s newest urban-living experience has taken shape.

But, as partner Glenn Sorensen says, “You could pick up these brownstones and put them down in any urban city.”

Home is N Street (between 26th and 27th streets), tucked into 30,000 square feet of space – four rows with 28 homes and two shared courtyards, plus parking.

Indeed, the Sutter Brownstones demonstrate how smart, aesthetic housing can work in a clearly defined historical section of Sacramento.

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