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Industrial building sells on Sacramento’s suddenly hot R Street

Another industrial building has sold on Sacramento’s R Street, setting the stage for more
redevelopment in what is becoming one of the city’s trendiest commercial districts.

Michael Heller, president of developer Heller Pacific Inc., said Friday his firm purchased
the former Capital Wholesale Electric building at 12th and R streets for an undisclosed

Heller said he and his partner in the project, a company called Ridge Capital, have
already lined up two office tenants and hope to attract a restaurant to fill out the rest of
the 25,000-square-foot building. Capital Wholesale, which owned the property, has
relocated to a spot off Bradshaw Road.

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Sacramento developer Michael Heller plans to turn old Crystal Ice plant into shops, restaurants

Cavernous and decrepit, the century-old Crystal Ice and Cold Storage plant in midtown Sacramento is a key piece of the city’s efforts to turn the once-gritty industrial corridor of R Street into a thriving arts district.

But for the past 20 years, plans to tear the plant down or renovate its buildings, which take up most of the two blocks between 16th and 18th streets, have fallen to official opposition or a sinking economy. The plant remains a prominent eyesore.

Now, Michael Heller, a local developer experienced in the creative reuse of older structures, believes he has a solution that will preserve the best of the plant’s aging industrial character while creating a modern mecca for shoppers, diners, office workers and a slew of new residents.

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R Street corridor redevelopment taking shape after years of effort

by Mark Glover
Sacramento Bee
Saturday, Nov. 2nd 2013

It’s a sunny late Saturday afternoon, two hours before doors open at the Ace of Spades nightclub in downtown Sacramento, and people are already lining up across R Street to try to snag a prime spot inside to see Canadian-American singer Jonny Craig.

It’s a young crowd, although the occasional 30-something couple wedges into the line. Practiced patience is the order of the day, with most patrons busying themselves with their cellphones. The veterans are used to this – Ace of Spades routinely draw lines of customers stretching far down the block.

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Mural decorates midtown Sacramento utility box

An eye-catching mural has just gone up in midtown Sacramento on a most unusual canvas: a formerly drab transformer box owned by the Sacramento Metropolitan Utility District.

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Brau Wow

Midtown’s new LowBrau presents a modern take on a German beer hall and boasts the best of the wursts.

From champagne lounge to German beer hall: it might seem that the space at 20th and K that used to be Lounge on 20 has gone, well, low-brow. Don’t worry about insulting restaurateurs Michael Hargis and Clay Nutting by saying so, though. They claim the term in the very name of their new restaurant.

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