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By Martin Kuz & Lark Park
Sactown Magazine

Lounge on 20 brings white leather chairs and faux-sand walls to midtown, not to mention colorful culinary creations (like diver scallop with poached quail egg) and 25 kinds of champagne by the glass. Now this is our kind of South Beach diet.

By day, Ali Mackani looks every bit the typical well dressed businessman – Armani suit, Ermenegildo Zegna tie – as befits the well-heeled clientele at this upscale 55 Degrees restaurant on Capitol Mall. But as the sun slowly sinks, his alter ego gradually surfaces: off come the suit and starched-collar formality, on go the Seven jeans and laidback attitude. Then casual Mackani heads to midtown’s South Beach, better known as Lounge on 20, his latest venture and the answer to an age-old question: What happens when MOMA meets Miami Vice?

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