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Mural decorates midtown Sacramento utility box

An eye-catching mural has just gone up in midtown Sacramento on a most unusual canvas: a formerly drab transformer box owned by the Sacramento Metropolitan Utility District.

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The Good Life: Midtown ice rink – and the cooperation – have been magical

marrs-ice-rink-pictures-11-28-09-011By Rick Kushman
Sacramento Bee
Sunday, January 17, 2010

Second Saturday was an ideal, almost-Victorian evening.  People wore heavy coats, gloves and hats, and seemed genuinely happy just to be outside.

Ground zero of that, at 20th at J streets, was the festive, lively, movie scene of an ice rink.  Around 8 p.m., the rink swarmed with more than 100 people, some skating, some sitting along the edge, some pinwheeling and flopping.

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Ice skating rink draws shoppers to midtown

marrs-ice-rink-pictures-11-28-09-008By Darrell Smith
Sacramento Bee

It was a great day to skate, and shop, as it turned out.

They glided across the ice, tottered and wobbled on their skates, and on a midtown street-turned-frozen pond Tuesday found an alternative to the crowded holiday shopping mall.

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Northern California Weekend: Sacramento day trip Midtown

Sunset Magazine

Why go now: Sacramento’s happening Midtown has spawned perfect-for-December hot spots with great eats mixed right in with the shopping, so you can warm up and refuel as you go.  Where is it, again? On Sac’s easy-to-navigate street grid, Midtown stretches from 16th to 29th Streets; businesses cluster J, K, and L.

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Bob Shallit: Neon ‘Art’ sign finds home at MARRS building

By Bob Shallit
Sacramento Bee

Chalk up another splashy piece of public art to Mike Heller.

The developer, who’s planning a 50-foot-high Wayne Thiebaud mural on a midtown office building, recently placed a scrawling, multicolored piece of neon art on his MARRS retail center at 20th and J Streets.

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